Edwardian Leather Trench Coat

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This is a bespoke leather trench coat we have made in several colors for a good client.

This one is in a glossy baby calf skin in a beautiful shade of caramel.  It’s a very versatile color which brings a modern edge to this classic piece.  The coat’s cut and fit on the body has an almost 1960’s Edwardian / Savile Row look to it, and it’s striking in this leather.

This is the type of coat that, whether it is rendered in a deep oxblood or a heavy velvety buckskin, will never go out of style, and will last a lifetime. Leather is wonderful that way, it gains so much character over time it becomes a part of the wearer, their personal trademark.

Creating truly bespoke leather garments is a highly specialized craft, there’s very few artisans doing anything like this. Output is limited, being very labor/skill intensive and the materials are the highest quality throughout. So while it’s not for everybody, a bespoke leather garment is very liable to outlast you.