Leather Rock Star, NYC’s Own, Margo Manhattan

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Leather for a Rock Star Jewelry designer!

We’ve created unique leather garments for many notable people, but one of our favorite and most ongoing collaborations has been with one of NYC’s own homegrown Rockstars, Margo Manhattan.

Margo Manhattan is a jewelry designer extraordinaire, who has recently teamed up with HSN to bring her edgy Rock Star worthy jewelry designs to a broader audience.  She, (and her jewelry) make a real statement.  Bold, Beautiful, strong and feminine – pretty much sums it up.  On top being a truly talented designer – she could not be a sweeter person.  That’s my bonus!

Our most recent collaboration was for her latest home shopping appearance.

I had found this incredible crunchy, glittery, textural Stretch leather some time ago. (Which had her name all over it BTW!)  There was a limited amount so I bought all of it. Without having any idea what to do with it in that moment (I always promise myself I will not do this anymore – since I have so little space) Still, somehow I’ve managed to scrounge away about 2500sf of leather –  so there’s always something interesting if you have a project that may require more unusual skins!

Over the previous few months, I’d made Margo several pairs of leather capris.  She wore them all winter – and had begun pairing them with a couple of tops she’s also commissioned. Since this had become her signature over the last few months, she wanted to develop an outfit based on that , but suitable for her television appearances on HSN.   One thing led to another and together we came up with this suit.

Incorporating this unique glittery stretch leather with stretch suede, some subtle hardware and the silhouette she’d come to love.

The stretch suede ended up serving 2 purposes – first of all, the glittery skins I’d gotten were a really tiny quantity and very oddly shaped.  Because of this, it really limited what could be done with them.  And then – half way thru the project we’d realized that the glitter was really, really crunchy!  So crunchy in fact, that any large movement was liable to be picked up on the mics when they’d be shooting!

Dressing a very tall, high heeled model in jewelry – gracefully & live on TV – is much more acrobatic than you’d think!

So, with some quick retooling  and  re-patterning I was able to alleviate the sound the suit gave off with suede panels along the inseams of both the top & the pants.  The final result wound up both beautiful and quiet and did what was most important – set off the Margo Manhattan jewelry collection perfectly without distracting.

Margo’s jewelry line is sterling silver based so the subtle glimmer of the suit offset her pieces beautifully, especially her choker and drop necklaces. Against the open neck they really stand out.

I also cut the suit in such a way that it created an illusion of corseting. With the style panels of the pants and top aligning in a way that gave a really nice optical effect on screen and in person. Margo wears this suit now- not just for television appearances but as part of her everyday wardrobe.  And as two pieces it can be mixed up with other pieces in her wardrobe,  not just the ones I’ve made her.

Margo’s got a great sense of style – bold and very true to herself.  We share a lot aesthetically – a love of black and silver, a sense of the dramatic.  Less interest in following a fashion or label than following our heart/soul/gut.  So I know when I create something for her she is going to wear it for a long time – always mixing it up and having fun with each piece.  Just like she does with her jewelry.

Check out Margo Manhattan on HSN when you get the chance!

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