Evening Wear and More…

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Over the last few Months we’ve had the great pleasure of working with one of NYC’s Premier Jewelery Designers, Margo Manhattan.

She designs very bold and feminine jewelry with a strong Rock n’Roll vibe. Her Luxury line is featured in her namesake shop at 88th and Madison where she specializes in Sterling silver, gold and precious stones.

Now, she has created a much more affordable line exclusively for Evine Live in sterling silver & vermeil featuring topaz and amethyst as signature stones,  it’s bold & fun and pieces range from the dramatic to the delicate.

Best part is all of it works with Leather! (and a whole lot more)

So for her opening event we’ve created an evening mini-dress and over gown with a “back tattoo” to highlight a custom Sterling and Topaz belt Margo created as a trademark piece for herself.

Featured Editorial Photos are by Luciana Pampalone and Lisa Zari.

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