Just Don’t Ask…

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So you got a leather garment from _____ or_____.   You would like it “copied”.   You think someone can match the price?
You think we could match the price?   Please don’t even ask.

Look closely at the labels.

Do they have a generic American sounding name?  (Wilson Leather,  Milwaukee Leather, Leather Up – basically any major mass produced and cheap leather line is made in India , Turkey or Pakistan – China is too expensive now for many producers.)

Was it Unrealistically Cheap? – a leather garment like a pair of pants or a jacket that cost 200$ – is BEYOND Unrealistically Cheap BTW.

Keep in mind, virtually every leather garment that is widely available is mass-produced, (even the expensive designer brands)  Meaning, HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of pieces in each style (pattern) are made.  So 1 pattern can= 1000’s of pieces.  And the manufactures are purchasing hides by the thousands of square feet – usually 2500sft (per color)  is the minimum to get a hide finished to your specifications.

With Custom Made, each pattern usually is used ONCE.  Each pattern can only be used to duplicate that same style for that same client.  It cannot be used for a different client.

Then, what do you actually think good leather costs?  Do you think it takes 2 hours to Cut and Sew a garment?  What about the time to make a pattern?  How about salary, rent, utilities and marketing?  Then move this all to the USA.  None of this is free.


So, Why would you think any maker in the USA can match the price?

Then consider you are looking for an individually HANDMADE, ONE-OF-A-KIND Garment. 

Really, I’d like to know the reasoning behind this all too prevalent thought process.

Enlighten me PLEASE:

Custom Made Questionnaire- sticking with pants here to keep it simple.