A Glitter Leather Bomber Coat

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This Glitter leather Bomber coat makes those cold winter days Shine!

This “Glitter Bomb” is another piece that was really inspired by the leather.

I sourced this glittery leather a long time back,  from a company that used to get the close out goods from the Couture Houses in Europe, quite a bit ahead of the current trend for shine that’s re-surging after so many years. (Metallic and Shiny  leather – in Garments, was very big in the early- mid 1990’s)  But now my regular vendors stock this glitter finished leather in a range of wonderful colors. 

I wanted to make a longer coat, but keep it somewhat casual in cut – especially with this admittedly over the top leather. (Not over the top to me, I like things that really stand out, but maybe just a bit over-the-top for most NYer’s.)  In NY – I find, people tend to like to keep things pretty classic in both silhouette and leather choices, preferring natural-looking finished leathers.

Prints and novelty finishes like this one tend to be outliers.   Myself, I am drawn to these unique finishes, (especially shiny ones!) from all my years working with Patricia Field, as well as creating for a lot of different musicians and performers.   I also have always loved Statement pieces – Coats especially – I mean, in a city where so many people walk, what better way to express yourself on a daily basis!

I am a firm believer that you can never have too many standout coats!


This Glitter Bomber Coat is based on the classic “Bomber” jacket shape.  Of course, I had to use my own personal “take” on ribbed trim – made up in patent lambskin.

Add a dramatic flared skirt – oversized and military pocket details and the classic zipper detailing, and voilá.  I also deepened the collar and the cuffs to balance everything out (the deep collar doubles as a muffler when the bomber coat is fully zipped up)

Plus, the bomber coat is lined with black flannel backed satin, aka “Sun Back”.  This lining is a great option for a leather coat. Especially if you want something you can wear through a real winter.  It adds some weight, but hardly any bulk.  Mainly it adds a great deal of warmth.

In combination with the wind-blocking nature of leather it makes this Glitter bomber coat perfect for NY winters. Add,  just a thin layer of cashmere or wool and  it can take you thru those really cold old-school winter days.

Interestingly – this leather is the non-stretch version of the leather we used on this project.

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