Custom Made Leather Jackets – An Exclusive Look at our Uniquely Tailored Products

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Our custom made leather jackets are individually designed with your style in mind. Made from the finest leathers available, in any style imaginable.  If you’re looking for the perfectly tailored leather jacket that you can gift to yourself or a loved one, then our luxurious, high quality tailor-made leather jackets are the finest available. Our custom made products are individually handcrafted, and exclusively available to our steadily growing clientele base.

A Custom made leather jacket will last a lifetime.

Since 2005 our custom made leather jackets have become the go-to choice for discerning and stylish individuals around the world.  We have made custom leather jackets and clothing for films, celebrities, Rock Stars, and private individuals. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our clients. The attention paid to the craftsmanship, personalized design and fit of our products is what makes our custom made leather designs unique and our tailored leather jackets stand out, elevating our clients’ personal style and fashion point of view.

Each leather jacket is carefully handcrafted to suit your style and your body.

When you order a custom made jacket, we take detailed measurements in our studio during the initial in-person consultation. For mail-order clients who cannot visit NYC, we provide a measurement chart with clear instructions. These measurements can be taken at home with some help or by your favorite tailor and sent back to us with some photos. This help us create a leather jacket that will suit & fit you perfectly. The first thing you receive is a muslin fitting garment. This is where we check fit and design details. Usually 2- 3 fitting garments are needed to achieve the perfectly fitted leather jacket.  In this way we ensure the design, proportion and fit of the custom made jacket is absolutely perfect before cutting any leather.

Leather jackets – an enduring fashion trend

Leather jackets have come into, and gone out of style over the years.  But today, when a leather jacket is likely to be a constant staple in everyone’s wardrobe, why not have one custom made just for you?

A leather jacket allows endless style possibilities, from the classic leather blazer to a leather hoodie to an iconic motorcycle inspired jacket, leather jackets have evolved far beyond the cliché as a garment worn by only by bikers, punks, fetishists & rock and roll enthusiasts. A good leather jacket is something everyone desires and the likely hood is you will love and cherish your own for years to come. You deserve to have it custom made.

Leather is for everybody

Regardless of gender, generation or demographics, a great leather jacket is garment that is universally loved.  For women a leather jacket can be tough and take no prisoners or it can be super feminine and curvy. A neutral colored leather jacket with sleek lines is incredibly elegant.  And a leather jacket in a bright color or laser cut leather that resembles lace makes a great fashion statement that can be worn year round.

For men, the classic car coat or motorcycle leather jacket styles are always popular, no matter what type leather is chosen.

Then there are the One-of-a-Kind super status leather jackets that are made up in rare and unique exotics like ostrich, python or Alligator, Leather jackets made up in any of these rare leathers are incredibly luxurious, no matter the style.

There are so many colors, patterns and finishes in leather available today, we can create the leather jacket of your dreams. A leather jacket that is designed and tailored exclusively for you always ensures the best fit and comfort.  A custom leather jacket that suits you perfectly makes anybody, male or female, feel fabulous!

Taking care of custom made leather

A leather jacket will rarely need to be professionally cleaned.  But when needed, take your custom made leather jacket only to a leather care specialist.

Most leather garments require only basic care. Wipe spills away with a clean damp cloth.  A gentle leather cleaning solution and conditioner can be used. Keep your leather products away from moisture, heat, ballpoint pens and harsh chemicals.  Don’t store a leather jacket in plastic. Leather needs to breath. Always ask an expert before trying to clean a custom made leather jacket in any unusual leather.

A custom made leather jacket is an investment that will easily last a lifetime.