Custom Made Leather BootPants

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These Custom made Bootpants were created for a client who came to me with a dream and some reference for the shape of the boot that he liked.

These were not going to be worn just for limited occasions.  He wanted to be able to wear them with some really stand out pieces by Gucci, Etro and others that he wears on a daily basis.

His style is basically couture fetish.  Tough, very edgy,  a little dark and very high-end.   No problem mixing in items from a women’s collection or a fetish collection if it suits him.

So, these pants were conceived, designed and constructed to be worn.

I started searching for examples of similar pieces- finding only a few, usually loaded up with lacing and meant for pure novelty- some were sneakers, or wrestling boot inspired, others pure fetish.

My initial concept was quite clean – but as we worked on these we realized a great deal more fabric than you’d ever expect is needed in the knee to be able to sit down comfortably!

So after some experimentation- I created an articulated knee, based on the back venting of a motorcycle jacket. The knee bends and opens up for sitting – and accordions back together upon standing up!

These pants entailed more fittings than any single piece we’ve done thus far.  I have to commend the client who was such an integral part of the process.  Not many people understand and appreciate this level of attention or the time necessary, it’s a joy to work with clients who do.

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