Bespoke Men’s Shirts – Leather or Not!

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Bespoke Men’s Shirts that go beyond dress shirts.

Because not everyone is a corporate type. And besides, why should bespoke shirts be relegated strictly to the traditional?

I work in leather, but from time to time (and usually restricted very good clients) I will break away on small projects. There is simply not the space here to work comfortably with large projects in fabrics, so keeping it small works.

This a selection of non-traditional bespoke men’s shirts I have made. One is fairly simple, because the cotton batik fabric called for that. The others. not so much. I love working with stripes and I found a fabulous Japanese denim for the engineer style short-sleeved shirt. And a high contrast black and white stripe for the other. The Bottle green leather shirt is a commission in my regular medium, and the black leather shirt is a production style of mine. (Available in standard sizes and any color/any leather on request)

These fabric projects are completely One-of-a-Kind.

Just like my leather work – Each component, fabrics linings, buttons etc. are all sourced specifically for each project and
can’t be replicated. That’s the beauty of custom, additionally, the quality of fabrics available is so far superior to anything you will find off-the-rack – you just can’t compare the two.
( I’m not here to compete with “mass-customization” anyhow.)

It’s been fun working on these unique shirts and I have decided to accept limited, fabric shirt commissions.  Because each and every shirt will be individually designed, sourced and completely hand-made – pricing will start at $695.00 and go up. (As of 4/15/19)

(This is equivalent to the starting range of mass-produced, Balenciaga shirts at Barney’s)