Bespoke Leather Fun at NYC ComicCon!

bespoke leather catsuit

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Ok, I do bespoke leather, but you guys may not know that I started out wanting to be a costume designer – probably since about age 5/6!

As a kid,  I was obsessed with costumes.  Studied costume design under Lester Polakov and José Varona at the Studio and Forum of Stage design starting at 14.  By the time I got into United Scenic Artists  at 17,  Broadway was in the dumps & the rest is History!

I spent a lot of time as a kid making costumes for my sister.¬† For Star Trek Conventions, the super Early Comic Cons and Red Sonja Cons.¬† I was about 11 when I started doing these.¬† After the very¬†first one they became full on productions.¬† First, we’d crash with an entourage: photographer, another actor, me and someone who could drive besides my sister.¬† Then we’d get into our pre-arranged room share – do a quick change¬†and a major appearance.¬† This always included a mini performance that my sister and the other actor worked out.¬† Sword fights, some sort of conflict, and usually some smoke!¬† ¬†We’d win whatever the prize was and clear out back to Jersey!

Also, I got to meet some amazing people along the way.  From Stan Lee and Roy Thomas, to Issac Asimov, Barry Windsor Smith & Frank Thorne (who is a great friend of ours to this day!) and my Idol,  William Ware Theiss, the costume designer from the original Star Trek Series.  Plus Early NYC Scenester Animal X (who was my biggest competition at the cons!) Basically it was a blast!

Since then I’ve gotten to do stage wear from time to time, but not so much full on costume.

So, it was a real thrill it was to be asked to bring to life a Brand New Comic Character! to debut at NYC’s ComicCon.

Created by writer/producer Tina Fine and illustrated by Mark Reihill. ¬†We meet Offgirl as she discovers she has developed an unusual Super Power. (Frank Thorne after reading the first 2 issues, seemed just a teeny bit jealous…”Onerous Orgasms! Now why didn’t I think of that!!!”)

That’s just the start, there’s more to come… you can check out the first 3 issues online.¬† ¬†But it’s worth buying the books, because they are gorgeous.¬† Beyond the incredible artwork, the paper is fantastic – absolutely sensual.¬† Keep an eye out – plans are in the works to go far¬† beyond paper…

Finally,  Offgirl herself  is perfectly embodied by Actor/Singer Jillian Hite and we could not have completed her look so perfectly without the help of  @WingWeftGloves