Custom Leather Trench Coat for Frank Donnelly

custom leather trench coat for Frank Donnelly

This custom leather trench coat was a rush job for NBC’s – “Law and Order: Organized Crime” series new character “Frank Donnelly” played by Denis Leary. It’s made up in a wonderfully distressed lambskin (sadly – this was the end of the stock), but I will be offering this style as MTO (Made-to-Order in standard […]

A Bespoke Leather Jacket fit for the Tropics

bespoke leather jacket for the tropics

This Bespoke leather jacket in a tropical weight was created for a client who spends a great deal of time in the Caribbean. It’s a combination of 2 very lightweight lambskins, one solid and one perforated.  He really wanted a jacket that would breath and be comfortable in the evenings.  He also was very conscious […]

1990’s Fashion-Streetwear Style Rules-Leather done XL!

Modern streetwear style, based on 1990's fashion, oversized leather jacket- work-in-progresss

1990’s Fashion Redux in Streetwear Style.  Leather done XL and to be seen!  ( I’ll even admit to having made some of those original Jackets….but that’s another story) This is the Modern World now, so those outsized pieces are no longer relegated to just the guys.  Back in the actual 1990’s the only female artists […]

1 Perfectly Curvaceous Lambskin Jacket

Curvaceous lambskin jacket- Bespoke by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

A Curvaceous lambskin Jacket, cut to hug curves!  A Shawl collared jacket is an eternal  classic – no matter whether it’s made up in leather, like this one, or tweed or denim. As such it needs to fit right – poor fit is the enemy of classic & the enemy of Leather- frankly it is […]

1970’s Leather Jacket vibes in Rich Calf Suede

1970's leather jacket inspired coat in topstitched calf suede

I love a 1970’s leather jacket vibe as much as anyone in fashion. Part of it, for me, is the way Leather, and leather working underwent a renaissance of sorts during the early 1970’s. Over the years I just keep coming back the details and treatments of that era that inspire me. (So much so […]

It’s a Great Day for a White Wedding – in Vegas, in Leather.

white wedding in leather, in vegas

A very good musician client of mine is having his Fantasy Wedding in Las Vegas next year.   With a very Rock n’ Roll Take on a White Wedding … and of course they are going to be married by Elvis!  Really, Who could resist?   He and his wife have commissioned me to create their […]

Bridgerton + Leather + Brian Jones = New Peacock Revolution

Distressed leather Jacket Hybrid of Bridgerton++peacock Generation+ Brian Jones

It’s been exactly a year since lockdown in NYC.  People are tired, people are bored, we are simultaneously exhausted and raring to go…. Slowly things are starting to open up, and the nice weather is both teasing and chafing at us.  We’ve binged everything from Bridgerton – (a trope filled and formulaic Romance novel adaptation- […]

Bespoke Alligator Jacket – True City Armor

Bespoke Alligator Jacket by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

This alligator jacket project was initially brought up to me over a year ago. It was something my client had been thinking about for an upcoming personal milestone.  And this year, in spite of-or perhaps because of,  all of the tribulations we have all been experiencing –  you only live once, after all…. He celebrated […]

Working in Alligator Skin – a Rare and Unique Process

working in alligator skin

I don’t get the opportunity to work in Alligator Skin too often, it’s a very special ask. Alligator skin is the priciest of the exotic skins and with good reason.  I read somewhere that it takes 4- 7 years for a farmed alligator to reach harvest size.  I can’t find the specifics I saw, but […]

A 5 piece Leather Suit – Full on Custom Made!

custom made mens leather suit -Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

This custom made mens leather suit  was created for one of my “big/tall” clients .  Mainly tall.  He’s about 6’5″ , perfectly proportioned, and a full on Leather Lover! He wanted a complete tailored suit ensemble, along with 2 shirts and a tie. The jacket, pants and tie are all made in our Mona Lisa […]

Womens Double Rider Jacket – Custom Made to Ride!

Womens Double Rider Leather Jacket- Custom Made by Carla Dawn Behrle

This jacket is more or less a classic double rider jacket.  It’s meant for the road.   My client is a real long distance rider, and she’s had the same, pretty standard, custom made jacket for many, many years.   She’s always dreamed of getting a more feminine jacket -and decided that now’s the time.  She […]

Bespoke Leather Vests – One Style, 4 Great Looks

one of a series of bespoke leather vests, this one black leather lined in a heather grey merino suiting

Bespoke Leather Vests – One Style – 4 great looks! It’s not often I am asked to create multiple bespoke pieces simultaneously, but there is a benefit to multiples! I was asked to make a version of a client’s well loved and very well worn cashmere lined Ermenegildo Zegna‎ vest.  The original vest is no […]

A Glitter Leather Bomber Coat

Glitter leather bomber coat with patent leather ribbing

This Glitter leather Bomber coat makes those cold winter days Shine!     This “Glitter Bomb” is another piece that was really inspired by the leather. I sourced this glittery leather a long time back,  from a company that used to get the close out goods from the Couture Houses in Europe, quite a bit […]

Hair-on-Calfskin Jacket-1970’s Style redux

Making a Bespoke hair-on-calfskin jacket

I  designed this Empire Cut Hair-On-Calfskin jacket inspired by the wonderful skins I was able to source.  And by a healthy dose of  1970’s boho / rock style. To this day our love for 1970’s fashion endures. So many elements of 70’s fashion remain relevant today.  Interestingly a lot of  1970’s fashion was influenced by […]

A Perfectly Tough Smoking Jacket

leather smoking jacket with motorcycle detailing

The Smoking Jacket aka Dinner Jacket aka Tuxedo Jacket… My client loves a classic smoking jacket (and really, who doesn’t?). For a long time he has dreamed of having one in leather.  So, for everyday wear, I created this toughened up version. He’s a big guy and while he loves the James Bond Look of […]

The Bespoke Pinstripe Suit – Elegance in Leather

bespoke pinstripe suit, in leather

The Bespoke Pinstripe Suit…Finished.   The Pinstripe Suit -This is our version, classically tailored, but with a twist. The suit is made in a fine , super glossy European lambskin, with a hand-guided  pinstripe stitch. A leather pinstripe suit is kind of a wonderful outlier, no? The lightweight glossy lambskin is the perfect base for […]

Making the Pinstripe Leather Suit – Bespoke Luxury

making a bespoke pinstripe leather suit

Making the Pinstripe Leather Suit This bespoke suit was ordered by an overseas client, who happens to be a real dresser! He saw these pants I did and asked if I could create a suit for him using the same technique. Since everything was done long distance, this pinstripe leather suit had a bit of […]

Power Dressing in a Ruched Leather Dress

Ruched Leather Dress - On the client

Ruching and Leather – Perfect together. This curvy, ruched leather dress kinda brings me back to when I first started to design and make things.  I was a kid when I first started designing, and my first “customer” was my Sister. While I was very petite and skinny, my sister was everything I wanted to […]

Super Hero Motorcycle Jacket

A superhero motorcycle jacket not YSL

This motorcycle jacket – is kinda inspired by a Superhero… I got a new client, basically because one well known luxury line can’t accommodate the truly discerning customer. (…well to be truthful, none of them do…) I got the call,  because after going to one of the YSL boutiques, here in the city,  specifically for […]