Custom Leather Trench Coat for Frank Donnelly

custom leather trench coat for Frank Donnelly

This custom leather trench coat was a rush job for NBC’s – “Law and Order: Organized Crime” series new character “Frank Donnelly” played by Denis Leary. It’s made up in a wonderfully distressed lambskin (sadly – this was the end of the stock), but I will be offering this style as MTO (Made-to-Order in standard […]

Asymmetric Shearling Coat

Asymmetric Shearling Coat based on a 2017 Givenchy Shearling coat

My client really, really wanted a re-creation of a Givenchy Shearling coat from about 5 years ago. So for this project I am more of a hired gun since this Asymmetric shearling coat is definitely not my design. I don’t like to “copy” per se.  It’s not that interesting to me.  For one,  people who […]

Spielberg’s West Side Story 2021 – a quickie project!

Steven Spielberg's West Side Story 2021

I had honestly forgotten about this little quickie project for Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story 2021. Covid had gotten in the way so it’s maybe two and a half  to 3 years ago already that I’d made this vintage leather cut-off vest for Riff. He’s directly the left of Tony and Maria in this shot […]

A Bespoke Leather Jacket fit for the Tropics

bespoke leather jacket for the tropics

This Bespoke leather jacket in a tropical weight was created for a client who spends a great deal of time in the Caribbean. It’s a combination of 2 very lightweight lambskins, one solid and one perforated.  He really wanted a jacket that would breath and be comfortable in the evenings.  He also was very conscious […]

1990’s Fashion-Streetwear Style Rules-Leather done XL!

Modern streetwear style, based on 1990's fashion, oversized leather jacket- work-in-progresss

1990’s Fashion Redux in Streetwear Style.  Leather done XL and to be seen!  ( I’ll even admit to having made some of those original Jackets….but that’s another story) This is the Modern World now, so those outsized pieces are no longer relegated to just the guys.  Back in the actual 1990’s the only female artists […]

1 Perfectly Curvaceous Lambskin Jacket

Curvaceous lambskin jacket- Bespoke by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

A Curvaceous lambskin Jacket, cut to hug curves!  A Shawl collared jacket is an eternal  classic – no matter whether it’s made up in leather, like this one, or tweed or denim. As such it needs to fit right – poor fit is the enemy of classic & the enemy of Leather- frankly it is […]

1970’s Leather Jacket vibes in Rich Calf Suede

1970's leather jacket inspired coat in topstitched calf suede

I love a 1970’s leather jacket vibe as much as anyone in fashion. Part of it, for me, is the way Leather, and leather working underwent a renaissance of sorts during the early 1970’s. Over the years I just keep coming back the details and treatments of that era that inspire me. (So much so […]

It’s a Great Day for a White Wedding – in Vegas, in Leather.

white wedding in leather, in vegas

A very good musician client of mine is having his Fantasy Wedding in Las Vegas next year.   With a very Rock n’ Roll Take on a White Wedding … and of course they are going to be married by Elvis!  Really, Who could resist?   He and his wife have commissioned me to create their […]

Is the World finally Ready for Full on Fetish Fashion???

Is the world finally ready for full on fetish fashion?

Boy,  color me astounded when I saw Kim Kardashian  (I never thought that name would cross my keypad!)  in a full on fetish get-up complete with a gimp hood. (2X so far this week no less) Along with Evan Mock and Kim Petras – ALL making appearance within the same 24 or so hours in […]

Amanda Seyfried & Sesame Street

Amanda Seyfried in Our Jacket on Sesame Street

This was a fun little project!  And for Sesame Street?  And Amanda Seyfried?  Even better!   It’s so nice to get to work in a super cheery bright color like this Sunshine Yellow Lambskin.  And getting to reconfigure a classic Moto jacket as super sleek and super feminine. The jacket went over so well that […]

Bridgerton + Leather + Brian Jones = New Peacock Revolution

Distressed leather Jacket Hybrid of Bridgerton++peacock Generation+ Brian Jones

It’s been exactly a year since lockdown in NYC.  People are tired, people are bored, we are simultaneously exhausted and raring to go…. Slowly things are starting to open up, and the nice weather is both teasing and chafing at us.  We’ve binged everything from Bridgerton – (a trope filled and formulaic Romance novel adaptation- […]

Bespoke Alligator Jacket – True City Armor

Bespoke Alligator Jacket by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

This alligator jacket project was initially brought up to me over a year ago. It was something my client had been thinking about for an upcoming personal milestone.  And this year, in spite of-or perhaps because of,  all of the tribulations we have all been experiencing –  you only live once, after all…. He celebrated […]

Working in Alligator Skin – a Rare and Unique Process

working in alligator skin

I don’t get the opportunity to work in Alligator Skin too often, it’s a very special ask. Alligator skin is the priciest of the exotic skins and with good reason.  I read somewhere that it takes 4- 7 years for a farmed alligator to reach harvest size.  I can’t find the specifics I saw, but […]

A 5 piece Leather Suit – Full on Custom Made!

custom made mens leather suit -Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

This custom made mens leather suit  was created for one of my “big/tall” clients .  Mainly tall.  He’s about 6’5″ , perfectly proportioned, and a full on Leather Lover! He wanted a complete tailored suit ensemble, along with 2 shirts and a tie. The jacket, pants and tie are all made in our Mona Lisa […]

Womens Double Rider Jacket – Custom Made to Ride!

Womens Double Rider Leather Jacket- Custom Made by Carla Dawn Behrle

This jacket is more or less a classic double rider jacket.  It’s meant for the road.   My client is a real long distance rider, and she’s had the same, pretty standard, custom made jacket for many, many years.   She’s always dreamed of getting a more feminine jacket -and decided that now’s the time.  She […]

Tattooed Leather Coats

Celtic Heart Tattoo Leather Coat

These are two Tattooed Leather Coats I created a while back.  One was for a client in NYC and the other for a client in Malibu.      They had both fallen in love with my original  “Dark City” Coat, which I created using  several sample skins from an Artisan Tannery in Spain.  That coat […]

Men’s Bespoke Python Skin Jacket

mens python jacket, python skin jacket

This Men’s Python Jacket is perfect Luxe Casual! After the prolonged winter we’ve had here in the North East everyone is chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy any over 30 degree weather that’s coming their way.  It’s starting to warm up – and before we know it, it will be spring… Our […]

Recreating our Edwardian Leather Trench Coat in 2020

Edwardian Leather Trench Coat revisited in 2020

  I have a really good client who I’ve made several versions of this Edwardian leather trench coat for in the past.  The last one I made for him about 7 years ago. This leather trench coat has become is his trademark fall and winter outerwear and it says a lot to me that he […]

Retro Edwardian Trench Coat Revisited in 2020

cognac leather Retro Edwardian trench coat v.2020

  This is the 2020 version of a long leather coat I originally created for a client  a while back. I made a series of these Retro Edwardian styled coats for this same client between 2011-13.  This one is his 4th iteration of this coat.  The cut and style suits him so perfectly that it’s […]

Practical Luxe, in a Suede Field Jacket

bespoke suede field jacket

This Goat suede field jacket with safari detailing (pockets, epaulets, military- style buttons) is almost a hybrid between a jacket and a shirt, just due to its light weight.  The lower pockets and length lean it more into the jacket realm.  But it’s meant for everyday indoor and outdoor wear.  A professional / casual piece […]

Punch it up in a Bespoke Leather Car Coat

bespoke leather car coat

This bespoke leather car coat takes dapper to another level.  Made up in a rich, true olive, high gloss cowhide.  With subtle hardware details to notch it up. This style is classically based, drawing its inspiration from the lines and proportions of  a mod crombie coat.  (As in Mods vs. Rockers – with a teeny […]

Bespoke Leather Vests – One Style, 4 Great Looks

one of a series of bespoke leather vests, this one black leather lined in a heather grey merino suiting

Bespoke Leather Vests – One Style – 4 great looks! It’s not often I am asked to create multiple bespoke pieces simultaneously, but there is a benefit to multiples! I was asked to make a version of a client’s well loved and very well worn cashmere lined Ermenegildo Zegna‎ vest.  The original vest is no […]

Creating a Custom Leather Jacket for Mariska Hargitay

Custom Leather Jacket for Mariska Hargitay - as Adjusted

Creating  a Custom Leather Jacket for Mariska Hargitay  (and SVU) You might know that from time to time I create stagewear and wardrobe pieces… this is very different from the regular custom made work I do.  Usually, there are very tight time constraints.  Fittings can be hard to accomplish – for a bunch of reasons […]

Bespoke Leather Blazer – Look Sharp!

give the gift that always fits - example of a bespoke leather blazer

A leather blazer may seem like a “basic” but  personal fit, material and the little details elevate it to a forever classic. After the fit,  the details like the fine, smooth grained and glossy finished European lambskin, rich silk charmeuse lining, and small personal touches make all the difference. A bespoke leather blazer and an […]

A Glitter Leather Bomber Coat

Glitter leather bomber coat with patent leather ribbing

This Glitter leather Bomber coat makes those cold winter days Shine!     This “Glitter Bomb” is another piece that was really inspired by the leather. I sourced this glittery leather a long time back,  from a company that used to get the close out goods from the Couture Houses in Europe, quite a bit […]

Hair-on-Calfskin Jacket-1970’s Style redux

Making a Bespoke hair-on-calfskin jacket

I  designed this Empire Cut Hair-On-Calfskin jacket inspired by the wonderful skins I was able to source.  And by a healthy dose of  1970’s boho / rock style. To this day our love for 1970’s fashion endures. So many elements of 70’s fashion remain relevant today.  Interestingly a lot of  1970’s fashion was influenced by […]

Outlaw Python & Leather Shirt with Cordovan Lacing

Python and leather shirt

This python and leather shirt was a private commission,  and meant for both stage and street wear. It features detailing in a natural, belly cut, python skin with a semi-matte finish and cordovan lacing. To go with the very dark – but NOT black – natural markings of the snake, we chose a deep espresso […]

A Perfectly Tough Smoking Jacket

leather smoking jacket with motorcycle detailing

The Smoking Jacket aka Dinner Jacket aka Tuxedo Jacket… My client loves a classic smoking jacket (and really, who doesn’t?). For a long time he has dreamed of having one in leather.  So, for everyday wear, I created this toughened up version. He’s a big guy and while he loves the James Bond Look of […]

The Bespoke Pinstripe Suit – Elegance in Leather

bespoke pinstripe suit, in leather

The Bespoke Pinstripe Suit…Finished.   The Pinstripe Suit -This is our version, classically tailored, but with a twist. The suit is made in a fine , super glossy European lambskin, with a hand-guided  pinstripe stitch. A leather pinstripe suit is kind of a wonderful outlier, no? The lightweight glossy lambskin is the perfect base for […]

Making the Pinstripe Leather Suit – Bespoke Luxury

making a bespoke pinstripe leather suit

Making the Pinstripe Leather Suit This bespoke suit was ordered by an overseas client, who happens to be a real dresser! He saw these pants I did and asked if I could create a suit for him using the same technique. Since everything was done long distance, this pinstripe leather suit had a bit of […]

Power Dressing in a Ruched Leather Dress

Ruched Leather Dress - On the client

Ruching and Leather – Perfect together. This curvy, ruched leather dress kinda brings me back to when I first started to design and make things.  I was a kid when I first started designing, and my first “customer” was my Sister. While I was very petite and skinny, my sister was everything I wanted to […]

Super Hero Motorcycle Jacket

A superhero motorcycle jacket not YSL

This motorcycle jacket – is kinda inspired by a Superhero… I got a new client, basically because one well known luxury line can’t accommodate the truly discerning customer. (…well to be truthful, none of them do…) I got the call,  because after going to one of the YSL boutiques, here in the city,  specifically for […]

A Perfect Glossy Lambskin Coat for Spring!

long leather coat, lambskin coat, custom made leather

This is the perfect Glossy Lambskin Coat for Spring. I have a great client in SC That I’ve been doing custom work for for probably close to 10 years. She and her husband love clean and classic looks and this lambskin coat is  my latest project for them!  It’s a slightly more classic and longer […]

Moderne-Retro Motorcycle Jacket

retro motorcycle jacket|longline moto jacket

This long-line retro motorcycle jacket is inspired by the sleek silhouettes of the past. This retro motorcycle jacket evokes vintage racer jackets of the 1930’s through the 1960’s. The retro, op-art silk lining is what I designed this moto jacket around. I wanted a Luxe-everyday feel and was not initially planning a MC style.  But […]

Multi-Season Leather = 4 Season Style

Multi-Season Leather

These Multi-Season leather pieces are made in the same very lightweight espresso lambskin that this skirt was made in. The client liked the skins so much that I purchased all that were available for her.  I think there is one skin left, (enough for a hat maybe?)  With the scraps I may be able to […]

Noah Coat as Inspiration

A coat inspired by Darren Aronofsky's Noah

This ‘Noah’ coat was inspired by the distressed linen coat Russell Crowe wore in Darren Aronofsky’s 2014 Film.   This was a very unusual, very long distance request, coming from Abu Dhabi in the UAE.  When I was first contacted-honestly – I wasn’t quite sure it was for real!  But, this client had his heart […]

Leather Moto Suit in Olive with Jacquard Lining

leather moto suit

This leather moto suit was created for a genderqueer client of mine from the West Coast. They were inspired by their favorite nail polish – and I was able to find them an exact match in the deep olive green that they choose for the  suit.  Their lining choice is from a range of Gorgeous […]

Super Clean Café Racer with British Jacquard Lining

Café Racer Jacket lined with Skull Jacquard

A café racer jacket becomes a true classic when it has sleek lines, standout lining and a great fit. This leather jacket’s sleek cut really flatters my client’s great physic.  And while I am a big advocate for pockets (personally I can’t live without them)  I agree wholeheartedly with the client’s decision to keep this […]

Tree of Life Leather Jacket

Tree of Life leather jacket with design on back

The Tree of Life leather jacket The name for this jacket came to me mid-way thru the appliqué.  As soon as I realized a root system was forming within my flame inspired tattooing on this piece!  The mask also fits into that theme.  I did not plan either of these elements, because I like to […]

The Tux Shirt – Formal, Not Formal – Forever

Bespoke leather & suede tuxedo shirt

My take on a classic tuxedo shirt created with a crispy paperweight leather and soft lambskin suede.  I am really loving how this tuxedo shirt came out! Rendered in a deep black lamb suede and a matte finished lambskin, it elevates the old standard tuxedo shirt into a modern, luxe obsession/fetish.  One that can be […]

Leather Café Racer – Custom Built for Speed!

leather cafe racer- custom made

A leather Café Racer jacket is classic and iconic. And, it can become a strong personal statement, especially when the fit, color and detailing all work together to suit the wearer.   Personally I am loving this café racer jacket in this unusual color combo.  It’s a really great midnight blue, in a gorgeous French […]

The Art of Bespoke Leather

the art of bespoke leather

  The Art of Bespoke Leather…   From ancient armor to the iconic motorcycle jacket, leather clothing has embodied the power to provoke and transform throughout history. Luxurious, rebellious and rugged, modern leather has become the uniform of socialites, rock stars and motorcycle gangs, alike. Carla Dawn Behrle is a fashion designer in NYC who […]

Men’s Custom Made Leather Jeans

Inlay and detail work on a pair of men's custom made leather jeans

Above are some examples of  our men’s custom made leather jeans….for some recent women’s styles go here. Having a pair of custom made leather jeans made is a much different process than going to a shop and trying on a pair of this season’s model. First of all, all production fashion is made up to […]

A Curvaceous Panniered Mini Skirt

panniered leather mini skirt

This panniered leather mini skirt has a standout shape.   The gently sculpted hip of this panniered mini skirt is supported by a silk organdy and nylon under layer (similar to techniques used in 1950’s couture) and filled out with delicately pleated ruffles in layers. The skirt is almost as light as a feather! The gentle […]

Our Favorite Womens Leather Pants Silhouette – Right Now!

womens leather pants in washed brown lambskin

This is our favorite womens leather pants silhouette right now!  (And, I think for a long time to come.) These leather pants are high waisted (natural waist level), body skimming, tapered and ankle cropped & great to cuff!  Not too tight, not too loose, but JUST RIGHT! These two pairs were made for a client […]

Longline Café Racer – femme, curvy & strong

Feminine Leather Racer Jacket

For this take on a café racer jacket,  My client had way too many reference ideas – not for me, but for her! She knew she wanted a feminized version of a racer jacket but had a lot of conflicting reference.  Focus was hard – too many choices or ideas can make things harder. I […]

Wedding Dresses- My Unconventional Gateway into Leather

Alternative Weddings-leather and other wedding dresses

Wedding dresses – why am I writing a post about wedding dresses when I do leather? Well, I have quite a bit of history with weddings, dresses and otherwise!  In fact making wedding dresses and gowns is almost how I started my business.  Sadly, I don’t have any photos of some of my favorites – […]

Bespoke Leather Fun at NYC ComicCon!

Jillian Hite as Off Girl As a kid,  I was obsessed with costumes. From about 11 on I spent a lot of time as a kid making costumes for my sister. These were for the early Star Trek Conventions,  Comic Cons and Red Sonja Cons.  Usually we’d crash them – we were broke. We’d bring […]

Craftsmanship, it’s what we do….

craftsmanship-in a cutwork leather tunic

Craftsmanship no longer appears in any but the most expensive garments today, and with good reason- the labor is skill intensive and highly time consuming. It takes real skill to create a beautifully made and fitted garment, so it’s become a rarity in RTW, reserved only for the upper echelon price points. But aside from […]

Revisiting my “Homage” Swan Jacket

My east west musical instruments homage

A few weeks ago I realized I had to do inventory –  my studio is very compact and everything is packed away very tightly.  As a result, every time I had to locate something the entire studio would get torn apart!  Had to do something about that. So while digging thru and counting the skins that have […]

Classic Cool LBJ…Little Black (Leather) Jacket

little black leather jacket

The little black leather jacket,  what could be more wearable?  Our new client came by with her favorite… Sadly, the jacket had been solidly wrecked in dry cleaning. Left limp, lifeless, dulled out and more than a bit raggy. She asked if it could be recreated  – it’s not something I like to do,  but […]

A Bespoke Leather Bomber Jacket- Reach for the Top

A bespoke leather bomber jacket

This bespoke leather bomber jacket was created for a client  who happens to be  an impressive and very well proportioned 6’5″ or so.  Basically,  he’s built like you’d imagine a viking would be – just transpose that viking to the top of the business world in NYC. He really needs to get all of his […]

Our Stretch Leather Top seen In Milano!

our stretch leather top in green metallic hand-painted calfskin

This is a stretch leather top we recently created for a client who fell in love with the leather used in our “Ayesha” Dress. First, she tried on our Giselle stretch leather top. But, since she lives in warmer climes she opted on a modified version of the style, with 3/4 Sleeves. Luckily, we had […]

Bespoke Tailored Jacket in Super Fine Leather

Bespoke Tailored Jacket in Super fine Leather

This bespoke tailored jacket was created  for a customer who is an entrepreneur, producer and philanthropist. He’s partial to Brioni,  but was put off by their price point when he inquired about a bespoke tailored leather jacket. (Well over $10,000.00 apparently.) Our client’s assistant came to us with the project.  He brought with him in […]

A Bespoke Leather Sweatshirt – Two Ways

This bespoke leather sweatshirt is better than classic, it’s lightweight, comfortable, moves with you and covers your bases (and climates) in style. I’ve made this leather sweatshirt in two different superfine, lightweight leathers. With a slight style variations, for 2 different clients. Since I source all leathers and components on an individual basis according to […]

Leather Rock Star, NYC’s Own, Margo Manhattan

Leather Stagewear for Rock Star Margo Manhattan

We’ve created unique leather garments for many notable people, but one of our favorite and most ongoing collaborations has been with one of NYC’s own homegrown Rockstars, Margo Manhattan. Margo Manhattan is a jewelry designer extraordinaire, who has recently teamed up with HSN to bring her edgy Rock Star worthy jewelry designs to a broader […]

A Classic Longline Leather Jacket in Rich Baby Calfskin

Longline leather Jacket in Rich Baby Calfskin

This classic longline leather jacket was created for a client who was frustrated with the lack of choice available in off-the-rack RTW. She was sick of  finding nothing but short hip length jackets, invariably with zippers or sporty details.  She wanted something classic and elegant, and had a found a photo of a young Winona […]

A Custom Buffalo Hide Vest built for the Hunt

buffalo hide vest, buffalo vest, custom made

A Buffalo hide vest is an unusual request, being that this is NYC and I don’t think there are too many buffalo hunters here! Our gentleman came to us with his own hide, which we were able to accommodate, even though it was tanned for use as a rug. It’s not the ideal finish for […]

Nubuck Leather Carcoat

nubuck carcoat - custom made in NYC

This Nubuck carcoat is made in in a heavy weight velvety chocolate cowhide. Nubuck is great for rugged outerwear. Nubuck leather is a top grain hide that’s been sanded to give it a suede like finish. It is a much stronger leather than a traditional suede, in which the splitting of a hide creates the […]

Buckskin Leather Duster – refined & rugged

buckskin duster | leather Duster

This Buckskin Leather Duster will always remain unique… It’s the 2nd or third coat in this style that I’ve made for the client.  He’s very dapper and has a uniquely modern take on classic style.  So even though this coat is a sort of Edwardian inspired, retro  cut. It does not come off that way […]

A Modern Leather Shirt

bottle green leather shirt

This Modern leather shirt is based – very loosely – on a 1940’s men’s shirt that the client brought in.      The original shirt was in tatters, antique rayon does not have great longevity. But this new shirt will. The only element of the vintage 1940’s shirt that survived the translation and made it […]

Custom Cafe Racer Jacket

Mens custom made leather café racer jacket

This Cafe Racer jacket, is custom made in a substantial and heavy cowhide called “Neptune”.  It’s German tanned and well… the Germans  know their leather. Even though it’s a very heavy leather it’s still incredibly supple.  The depths of the black are quite warm lending an almost an espresso shade in certain light – it’s […]

A Luxurious Patent Rabbit Fur Jacket

Patent Rabbit Fur Jacket- details

A Luxurious Patent Rabbit Fur Jacket: featuring an oversized hood with bold satin zippers and a vintage buckle. This Après Ski Style Jacket is made from custom finished Spanish rabbit fur. Now, you may not know it, but Spanish rabbit is the finest rabbit fur available.  So the origin of these skins is Spain. However, […]

A Leather Nehru Jacket – fit for a Bond Villain

Bespoke Leather Nehru Jacket - Made in NYC

This leather Nehru jacket is one I loved creating.  I call it SPECTRE, for James Bond’s global adversary in the quest for World Domination… I mean who wouldn’t want to take over the world in this jacket? Face it, somehow the villains always look the coolest.  The best tailoring, the sharpest style.  It’s why we’ve […]

A Slim Fit Leather Shirt – Rocker Luxe!

Slim fit Black leather shirt - Made-to-Order in NYC

A slim fit leather shirt, for the euro rocker in you! This slim fit leather shirt is inspired by the best stuff we can think of! – a little Euro-chic,  a little classic Western  &  a little bit Rock n’ Roll, add some Robert Palmer vibe &  give or take a nod to Daniel Craig’s […]

Bespoke Coat with Cordovan Lacing and Sterling Buttons

bespoke coat with cordovan lacing and sterling silver buttons

This Bespoke Coat features Cordovan Lacing and Custom designed and cast Sterling Silver Buttons.     This couture-crafted Bespoke coat is made of the finest French domestic Lambskin. The lacing is a different, slightly stiffer and smoother glossy skin. Giving the lacing on this coat a subtle contrast. The additional body on the lacing also […]

Bespoke Trucker Jacket with Leather Sleeves

Denim trucker jacket with leather sleeves

This denim trucker jacket with leather sleeves is a little bit of departure for us,  since the space right now is a little tight to regularly work in fabrics – past our linings and stretch technique – but it’s always good to flex up on disciplines. We are very happy with the results and our […]

Custom Made ‘Clint’ Pinstriped Leather Jeans.

Pinstriped leather jeans mens leather jeans

These Pinstriped leather jeans owe their inspiration to my love of Westerns… I’ve always loved Westerns, and the ones that inspire me run the gamut – from ‘Once upon a Time in the West’ (really, all the Spaghetti Westerns) & ‘The Unforgiven’ to ‘The Proposition’ to ‘The Good the Bad and the Weird’ – this […]

A Leather Wedding Dress – pearlescent!

Pearlescent champagne Leather wedding Dress - neckline detail

A Leather wedding dress is a very special request and doesn’t come by often.  I have done only a few leather wedding dresses over the years and they are usually on the more alternative side.  Ranging  from the Gothic – a black suede &  leather wedding dress – to the historic…a silent film inspired one. […]

Leather Evening Wear – Standout with Power

Leather evening wear, leather evening gown, leather evening dress

Leather Evening wear for Margo Manhattan Over the last few Months we’ve had the great pleasure of working with one of NYC’s Premier Jewelery Designers, Margo Manhattan. She designs very bold and feminine jewelry with a strong Rock n’Roll vibe. Her Luxury line is featured in her namesake shop  (formerly at 88th and Madison, now […]

Tattooed Leather Jeans in Honey Gold

Tattooed Honey gold Custom Made leather jeans

This honey gold pair of tattooed leather jeans is the second we’ve created for a client who never owned a pair of leather jeans before he found us. I was very pleasantly surprised to get a request for jeans in a lighter shade in leather.  Since the most requested colors are invariably black & brown, […]

A Leather Jean Jacket with a Twist

Green Leather Trucker Jacket with Novelty Lining

We call the color of this leather jean jacket sage, but it could easily be olive – the kind used in a martini! The twist here is in the both the fit and the lining. Now you’ve got a classic that is both timeless, individual and very cool. A jacket that works over jeans or […]

Men’s leather vest with flame inlay & appliqué work

Men's leather vest with flame appliqué by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

This men’s leather vest is meant to do double duty – stage and real life.  For a rock n’ roll icon, ‘natch! The original flame vest concept went thru minor changes – originally BR thought he wanted a subtler look so the original sketch was swatched with a grainy and smooth combo in black, the […]

An Everyday Luxe Alligator Vest

Alligator Vest on a Model

  This baby alligator vest brings to mind this quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:   “ In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity. ” Simple can be deceptive in what it takes to achieve … from the design and the fit – to the creation of the skins, […]

Patriotic – Red, White & Blue Leather Vest!

patriotic vest buckcherry tour

This Patriotic leather vest and bra top was commissioned by the MC of a Rock’n Roll tour honoring returning Iraq Veterans and featuring the band Buckcherry.  Because of this.  both these pieces were made out of the purest shades of red, white and blue lambskin that we could find.  It’s such a great combo, whether in […]

A Custom Made Men’s Shearling Jacket

Mens shearling jacket - Custom Made in NYC

This Custom Made shearling jacket got finished just in time for the polar vortex we are now experiencing in NYC.   This custom made men’s shearling jacket got started very late in the season… the client came to me in October,  and it took quite some time to locate the shearling he wanted.  The way […]

Hair-on-Calfskin Leopard Coat

Leopard print Hair-on-Calfskin trapeze coat-with removable cuffs

This ‘faux’ leopard coat is made of a beautifully printed hair-on calfskin. To me the pattern of the leather demanded a somewhat elegant treatment but I wanted to keep it fun and wearable as well. So, this  leopard coat,  was really driven by the wonderful print on the silky calfskin.  I decided to echo the […]

Ariadne, a Couture Python skin jacket

couture women's python skin jacket by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC

Curved & Sculpted, this women’s couture python skin jacket features the dramatic over-sized belly scales of the natural python skins used.     Wild skins are heavier, and much larger than the farmed snake skins used in most garments today, and I made full use of that body to create and hold the shape of […]

Costumes for Cyndi Lauper

Costumes for Cyndi Lauper

  This is a costume we created for Cyndi Lauper for her “Dressed to Kill” tour with Cher. It was a real pleasure to get to work with a true Musical Icon – (not to mention, one who really informed my own musical tastes!)  These kind of projects are often very rushed but working together […]

An Edwardian Style Bespoke Leather Trench Coat

Edwardian style bespoke leather trench coat

This is the finished Edwardian Style leather trench coat. (I wish I could get more clients to send me photos in their leather but such is life!)   The coat is pretty classic but has a distinct period gentleman’s look – think The Avengers’ John Steed (with Patrick McNee– updated to today!) This bespoke leather trench […]

Men’s Tattooed Leather Jeans in Cognac

tattooed leather jeans

I’ve made several iterations of these tattooed leather jeans for my clients and this color combo is one of my favorites. I’ve done full length coats with Spinal tattoo work, and even long dresses and boleros…& really feel I  have only just scratched the surface of what can be imagined along these lines. These appliqués […]

Custom Made Leather Bootpants
Fulfilling a Fashion Fantasy

all-in-one leather bootpants

These custom made leather bootpants were created for Buzz Bissinger, who came to me with a dream… …along with some reference for the shape of the boot that he liked. The all-in-one leather bootpants he dreamed of were not going to be worn just for limited occasions.  He wanted to be able to wear them […]

A Tracy Morgan Stage Wear Creation

Leather stage wear for Tracy Morgan

I got a call one afternoon from a woman who’d found me online and said she was calling for Tracy Morgan…and I was immediately put on the line with his assistant, Kenny…   We are longtime fans of  ’30 rock’  here, so I got a little flustered & do a (phone) double take- and I have […]

Nicole Scherzinger in Men in Black 3

Nicole Scherzinger in our leather dress in MIB3

Our leather “Lily” dress featured on Nicole Scherzinger in MIB3. We were thrilled to be asked to create the leather dress worn by the villain, Lily Poison,  in Men in Black 3 aka MIB3. Even better,  was that the costume designer chose one of our original designs!   Which was very helpful when we had […]