Bespoke Coat with Cordovan Lacing and Sterling Buttons

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Women’s Leather Coat with Cordovan Lacing and Sterling Silver Buttons.

This couture-crafted Bespoke coat is made of the finest French domestic Lambskin and lined in a heavy weight Silk Satin. The buttons were custom designed and hand-made by a NYC jeweler specializing in Sterling silver and gemstones. They feature a very nice hematite finish that works beautifully with the leather.  The cordovan lacing is in another leather that has a slightly different finish – chosen for the subtle contrast it provided. The cordovan lacing is both punched and laced entirely by hand. It is a very labor intensive and highly skilled process.

All of our bespoke pieces are carefully fitted in several stages, since once complete, the ability to do alterations at a later time is very limited and a garment like this will go through addition fittings. Since everything has to be perfect,  there is no forgiveness in a piece like this.  All told, this coat has over 100 hours of labor in it.