A Gucci Leather Jacket – or a Car ?

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This GQ Expose on Fashion’s absurdities really got to me.

Would you rather buy a Gucci leather jacket or a car?  Is this a celebration of label whores? Conspicuous consumption? Or just plain stupidity…..While Gucci may only make 6-10 of these, there is, as PT Barnum said “a sucker born every minute”

40 hours? These guys are Pikers!
Here Rough cost breakdown- based on my reality (in 2017) :

45-50 sft of the MOST expensive calfskin (bear in mind this is based on small quantity purchases (under 500′) with US impost and freight coast included – plus a markup – they are buying both in QUANTITY and DOMESTICALLY.    $1000.

Zippers (I have to pay retail for the best zippers in the world – everybody wants a different color style zipper so NO quantity discounts for me!) – My minimum cost for zippers on a jacket like this is $150. Yes you read that right – a long zippered jacket can be well over $200 in just zipper cost!

Other hardware: Studs – good studs, good buckles maybe are costing about 75.00-125.00 – but they are NOT – remember? QUANTITY!

40 hours labor – between $1000 & 1400. (based on current rates here for skilled stitchers) (BTW Union Rate – which is Costume Union rate which is highest skilled is MORE- Gucci is NOT paying their stitchers $45.00 per hour!)

Here a plain jacket takes well over 40 hours –  since an average of 18-25 additional hours is spent on the on the patterns and fittings on a straight forward simple jacket. Here is more on my process.

Cotton Lining – $40.- 45.  More for fancy lining. Less for Poly, Less for Quantity.

So we are up to $2720 – just cost, figured quite high since not taking into account any quantity production savings and then a markup is added to that to cover rent, marketing real estate, equipment etc.  Which would bring this jacket to a wholesale price of approx. $5985.00 or $6000.  (& this Gucci Leather jacket is not custom made)

So Bergdorf’s Mens buys this – it goes onto their shelves at 18G+ (300% is a fairly standard mark up for luxury retail)
THAT is what you are paying for.

…and based on that math I should raise my prices.

Really, Think about it. I am so glad my clients are smarter than this….

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